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Silence Competiton
With A Powerful Brand.

Business and life are full of competition. Wouldn't it be great to have a creative agency on your side to combat competition with even better and more creative ideas and stuff?

We are creative thinkers, innovators and your creative combat team. When we are not  fighting to keep you ahead, we are hiking, doing crossword puzzles or cooking our favorite Turkish dish or just being around good people.

This helps us to recharge and channel our creative energy to do various projects for our clients… did we mention we are in Bolu, Turkey? No, well that’s where we’re located, also where we happily work as a team to create some amazing results for our clients located in various countries, such as the UK, USA, Germany, Dubai, France and other countries, no need to run down a list, we think you would agree.

Things we create with passion every day

Video Production.

We're proud of our video production capability and happy to offer this service to you. Our team is very experienced and leaves nothing to chance unless you ask us to. We take care of everything from planning and concept of the perfect pitch, scripting which is done by our very creative and insightful copywriters, adding audio whether in English Only or English-Spanish, English-French, English-Arabic or English-Turkish we have stellar voice artist to really give your message that personal and human touch. We also offer a wide variety of animation styles, motion graphics, and VFX, to really give life to your YouTube channel or video marketing strategy.

Web Development.

220 Volt keeps it’s fingers on the pulse of key technologies and online trends. Website Development Solutions are creative, engaging and brings clarity, it’s timely and on budget. We do our research on your business, your market and your customers before we begin. We begin with complete understanding. The websites we create results in outstanding online presence and proven commercial results.


We do character storybook and other types of illustrations.
We draw inspiration from you. Our team takes the time to understand, why you need something illustrated, what will please you, your audience, we take your passion, add our creativity, and thoughtfulness. The end result is something as unique as you and your business.

What some clients say

Got a
creative idea cooking that needs a 220 Volt?.

Phone: +90 545 220 86 58


At the moment some of our team are updating our website to showcase more of our talents.

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