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Creative Agencies, In-House or DIY – What Matters?

Let’s get one question out the way and be honest with yourself. First, are you an expert at what you are trying to do?  Yes, then  “Kolay Gelsin!” as they say in Turkey which when translated means “easy going” or “good work”.

But if you know deep down that you took on more than you can handle, then you know you need to get a creative agency involved. Let’s say, you need to advertise something, how would you know whether to use a video, a graphic design or print ad? And, how do you launch a campaign to get the message out there? Too many questions, okay while you meditate on the answer, a creative agency is quick to identify the perfect medium to deliver your message.  Ah! finally not the answer, but another question popped into your head- why not hire someone in-house?

Okay, why not. If you are very fortunate you can find one individual with all the talents, skills and creative juices you need. However, this one individual is very rare, so you may need to hire two or three persons. What if after you hire them, they are not delivering as you had hoped, what will you do now that you are stuck with a not so creative and not so superstar team. Hmmm, no more questions here.

Creative Agencies draw experience from various projects to solve problems or think of new ways to solve problems using a fresh perspective.

A Creative Agency is well organized with a portfolio or their website, to show work they have done. Most  Creative Agency has proven experience handling various types of projects from easy to complex. They are already a cohesive team, who are able to add to each other’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses to make sure the client gets exactly what is needed. Creative Agencies are able to take pieces of creativity inspired from different projects to solve problems or think of new ways to solve problems with a fresh perspective.

Most in-house teams may not have that freedom and detachment to bring a fresh perspective. Also looking from the inside out, it’s not easy to see what’s happening within the company and your market, that could add value to or take away from the project.  Speaking of freedom and detachment, teaming up with a creative agency definitely, cost less not only to create the project but the price does not have an additional cost for medical, dental, vacation and the added staff needed to calculate income taxes and payroll.

If a Creative Agency is worth the letterhead they send you the quote on, they will not just stop there.”

If a Creative Agency is worth the letterhead they send you the quote on, they will not just stop there. They ( the Creative Agency) will seek to add more value beyond the project, such as helping you to find resources to promote your video, graphic etc once completed or helping to connect you with the right publisher for your book or at the very least sending a link to a list of top rated publishers. The picture ı am painting is a Creative Agency that will be genuinely interested in promoting your brand to be powerful and successful and add value that is relative to the project.

Accountability and the absolute need to please the client is what sets a Creative Agency apart from an in-house team. At the end of the day, there is no going back to work for a client tomorrow if the job was done badly or deadlines were not met. A Creative Agency must hit the ground running with all their creativity in full effect and be in top-form ( no slouching) with consistency to the end.

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind,  you can continue to meditate on this, having an in-house team has its benefits. Ummm… so what would be even better than teaming your in-house team with a Creative Agency? If you see the need to have an in-house team,  having a relationship with a Creative Agency, will add an entirely new dimension to in-house teams, with a fresh, unbiased perspective. Think about it and let us know your thoughts.